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3 Landscaping Tips for This Winter

Despite the season, Toronto homeowners should be thinking about their landscapes right now. Toronto has one of the mildest climates in Canada east of the Rockies. But, even within the city, different microclimates exist in downtown and the inner suburbs.

Landscapers in Scarborough, with the area having lots of exposure to the warming effects of Lake Ontario, will tell you that there are not only lots to think about regarding your lawns and gardens but lots you can do. And North York, which isn’t on the lake at all, will have a different microclimate, and different landscaping needs.

Winter Landscaping Tips

Whether you use the home services of a landscape contractor or you’re a full-on do-it-yourselfer, you can try one of the following tips to make your garden healthier.

  1. Remove Heavy Snow – While wind and ice can cause heavy damage to the trees and shrubs in your yard, there is at least one thing you can do to minimize the effects of winter. Heavy snow can stress trees and shrub branches by weighing them down. Left unattended, the weight of the snow can cause breakage or other damage.

    To remove snow, gently and slowly brush it off branches and hardy shrubs with a broom. Shaking it off can damage the plant.
  2. Prune Trees, Hedges & Shrubs – Winter is one of the best times to prune shrubs and hedges and remove damaged branches from trees. Using a hedge trimmer, it is far easier to maintain the shape of hedges and shrubs when they are not covered in foliage. Also, pruning in winter will help promote healthier shoots in the spring.
  3. Prep Garden Beds – As springtime approaches, and if the ground is generally clear of snow and ice, you should start preparing your garden beds as soon as you can. Professional landscaping companies use this time to redefine garden beds, remove debris from lawns and plant bulbs, among other landscaping services.

To learn more about how to keep enjoying your landscape even though it’s freezing outside, check out our post “How To Properly Maintain Your Outdoor Lighting in Winter”.


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