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Why You Should Hire A Landscaping Company For Fall & Winter

The holidays are over. The days are cold and dark. There may be nothing further from your mind than your landscape. 

While there’s nothing you can do about the fact that the holidays are a memory, and it’s freezing outside, fall and winter are a great time to hire a landscaping company in Toronto.    

4 Reasons Why Fall & Winter are a Great Time to Hire a Toronto Landscaping Company 

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, there are two ways you can benefit from residential and commercial landscaping services. First, landscape maintenance companies offer more services than you think. Second, your landscape needs more attention in the fall and winter than you think.

  1. Maintain Your Roof Drainage System  – It’s important to keep your eavestroughs and downspouts free of leaves, debris, and even asphalt particles from your roof shingles, during the fall and winter in the Toronto area.  Clogged eavestroughs and downspouts make it more difficult for water to drain from your roof. The undrained water can freeze and damage not only your eavestroughs but your roofing system and even result in water getting into your home.
  2. Prune Trees – Early fall and late winter/early spring are the best times to prune most deciduous trees. They should be pruned when they are dormant and, once leaves have fallen, it’s easier for tree pruners to see the structure of the tree to know where best to prune.
  3. Keep Your Property Free of Snow & Ice – Your landscaping service will be there after every snowfall to make sure your driveway, parking areas and walkways are safe to use and free of all snow and ice.
  4. Get Your Lawn Ready for a Greener Summer – For a healthier lawn in summer, late winter can be the most important time to remove winter debris, fertilize and seed both your front yard and backyard.

For more tips to keep your outdoor living spaces looking their best, check out our post “How to Properly Maintain Your Hedges”.



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