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About MBL Landscaping

We believe that experience is the greatest teacher of all. Not just in terms of time – the 10,000 hours –
but also in the variety of experiences you have. Can you really know something before you understand
it from every aspect?

That’s Where Our Story Begins…

We know of no better example of someone who has experienced landscaping in a great variety of ways than that of  our founder, Colin Maybee. 10,000 hours doesn’t even come close to describing the length and breadth of his experience.


Learning to Love Landscaping

Fresh out of school, an industrious Colin found work at Sheridan Nurseries in Toronto. With clients asking for landscaping help that Sheridan didn’t provide, Colin eagerly filled the gap. He was hooked.

A local landscaping company hired him for a variety of roles, from design for smaller projects, and all types of installations, to addressing clients’ needs and concerns. After deciding to return to school for a formal education in landscaping, Colin graduated from Humber College’s Landscape Technician Program.


An Opportunity Presents Itself

Setting out on his own, Colin soon became known and trusted for his attention to detail and quality. It shows in the small things that MBL Landscaping does to this day. Things like deeper soil beds for optimal plant growth and more solid sand and gravel bases for hardscaping that lasts.

With a growing list of customers gained through word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers, Colin saw an opportunity. Many landscaping companies offered certain services, and helped provide one or two aspects of an overall landscape. But few offered complete, concept-to-completion services, at least to the standards that Colin upholds. With a focus on continuing education for his team, trade shows, and training conferences to keep up with the industry, MBL Landscaping continues to grow.


MBL Landscaping was born to seize
that opportunity.

And to bring the story full circle, MBL Landscaping is now a proud Sheridan Nursery Authorized Contractor!

A Trusted Partner & Associate

Providing top-quality landscaping services doesn’t come only from within. Through building and maintaining strong partnerships with landscaping industry leaders and associations, those who share our values and vision, we are better able to deliver exceptional residential and commercial landscapes.