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Lawn Maintenance Tips For A Healthy Landscape

“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. Whether or not the old saying is true for you, it’s easier than you think to enjoy a lush and lively lawn.

The following lawn maintenance tips will not only help you maintain your lawn, but, when you do, it will help the entire landscape around your home look better too.


6 Lawn Care Tips for a Healthy Landscape

Designed especially for lawns in Toronto and the GTA, these tips will help you address the issues we all face in maintaining a healthy lawn.  

  1. Keep Your Mower Blade Sharp
    A dull blade shreds the top of the grass as it cuts, causing more damage to each blade of grass. Sharp mower blades provide cleaner cuts and keep more of the grass blade intact, which helps it stay healthier. 
  2. Set Your Lawn Mower Blade Height According to the Season
    Grass grows at different rates throughout the growing season.  At cooler times, in the late spring and early fall, it grows at a faster rate.  You should use a lower blade height to allow sunlight to get further into the lawn.

    In the heat of summer, the rate of growth slows down. You should raise the cutting height so the grass can better withstand the heat. 
  3. Mow Often Enough to Remove only the Top Third of the Grass
    If you let the lawn grow too high between mowings, the clippings are larger (even if you use a mulching mower) and they are slower to decompose. This can starve the remaining grass of sunlight, air and water.   
  4. Leave the Grass Clippings
    The right amount of clippings can help keep moisture in the earth and provide nutrients as it decomposes. 
  5. Deep Soak Your Lawn a Few Times
    Especially in the hotter months, it’s better to water your lawn less frequently with a deep soaking versus more frequently with light watering. A good soaking will get deeper into the root systems, while light watering encourages shallow root growth and weaker grass. 
  6. Aerate the Lawn
    For a green lawn, the root system of your grass needs water, nutrients and oxygen. Compacted soil can rob your lawn of all three.  Aerate at least once a year, in the fall. A spring aeration can help too, after a winter spent under a load of snow and ice.

If you want the grass to be greener on your side of the fence, learn more about our professional landscaping services.

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