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The Benefits of Gas Fire Pits

While gas fire pits might seem like a relatively new backyard feature, they have a direct connection to the beginning of recorded history. After all, fire pits have been heating and lighting our outdoor living spaces since prehistoric times.

And for good reason. Heat and light are just two of the many benefits of outdoor fireplaces. 

3 Benefits of Adding Gas Fire Pits to Your Landscape Design

Most homeowners have been looking for new ways to enjoy their homes recently. Whether it’s a powder-coated, stainless steel fire table with lava rocks, a wood-burning fire pit, or a natural gas or propane stone fireplace, there are few single elements of your landscape design that offer as many benefits.

  1. Extend Your Outdoor Season – We mentioned the warmth you get from an outdoor fireplace and that has the enviable extra benefit of helping you enjoy more time outside each year. Imagine sitting around a warm fire as early as possible every springtime, or looking forward to a crisp fall evening when everyone else is huddled inside. 
  2.  Entertain Like Never Before – Outdoor fireplaces give gatherings of small groups of family or friends not just a focal point, but a gathering place with a warm, cozy ambiance. The more entertaining you do in outdoor spaces, the less you’ll miss entertaining inside – and you don’t have to vacuum your patio! 
  3. Fresh Meals – When we said that no other landscape design feature has more benefits than fireplaces, the first thing that came to mind was swimming pools. It’s hard to top the fun and exercise you can get from a pool. But you can’t cook a pizza in one!

    Whether it’s a beautiful stone fireplace, or you go with a full-on outdoor kitchen, get ready for flavours that can only come from preparing meals and snacks in the fresh air of the great outdoors.

So the next time you’re looking for professional landscaping services, think about adding a gas fireplace to your landscape design.

To learn more about landscape design, check out our article “4 Ways That Landscape Design Lighting Transforms Your Home”.


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