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5 Benefits of Interlocking Stone Throughout Your Landscape

Whether you know it or not, the landscape around your home includes a “hardscape”, which are features like your driveway, walkways and stone patios. Hardscape materials can include asphalt for your driveway, concrete tiles, flagstone and interlocking stone. 

Each one has its benefits, including the low cost of an asphalt driveway, and the natural beauty of a flagstone patio or retaining wall. 

Today, we’ll take a closer look at the advantages of one of the most popular options for all your hardscaping. 

The Benefits of Interlocking Stone

There is one big benefit of interlocking stone. When they were first introduced, they finally gave homeowners an option to the concrete tiles that were so notoriously difficult to keep level and in place!

But there are so many other benefits too. 

  1. Lots of Applications – Of all the hardscaping materials mentioned, the interlocking stone is the one that can be practical, serviceable and beautiful in the most different places around your home. Want a stunning driveway? Interlocking stone. Walkway? Interlocking stone. Large patio and seating area? Interlocking stone. 
  2. Low Maintenance – At worst, regular maintenance of your interlocking stone hardscape means occasional power washing and/or leaf blowing. 
  3. Easy to Repair – In the rare circumstance that you need to replace or re-level your interlocking installation, stones can be easily removed and replaced without heavy lifting. 
  4. Durability – If they are properly installed by a professional landscaping services company, your interlocking hardscape can last indefinitely. Each stone is incredibly strong, especially for its smaller size. 
  5. Design Versatility – You’ll be amazed at the options for the design and layout of an interlocking brick installation. You are free to choose different colour combinations, different brick sizes, and different layout designs. So, in addition to giving you another way to enjoy your landscape, the interlocking stone will add a unique beauty to it also.

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