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Landscaping Your Yard – Where Do You Begin

It might be because of all the extra time you’ve spent at home recently. Or it might be because you see so many nicely landscaped properties in your neighbourhood. Whatever the reason, if you think the time is right to landscape your property, the next question might be the biggest.

Where do you begin?

Even if you have a green thumb, landscaping isn’t something that most people know how to do. And it’s not like redecorating the house, where, if you don’t like the colour you chose, you can always repaint. With landscaping, a lot of what needs to be done is not as easily fixed after the fact.

But fear not, we’re professional landscapers and we have you covered with the following ways for you to get your home landscaping project on track.

4 Ways to Get Going on Your Residential Landscaping Project

Knowing what you want to do is the main hurdle. After that, it’s just the small matter of getting it done. Here are our suggestions for getting a clear idea of what you want your landscape to be.

  1. Interview Yourself – Pretend you are a professional landscaper and you’re talking to someone who doesn’t know what they want, or even what’s popular. The first thing you’d ask is “how do you want to enjoy your landscape”.  

    If you have children, you might want to have lots of open spaces for play. If you’re a gardener, maybe more flower beds would be nice. You could be looking for the “backyard oasis” vibe too. Or you might need to check all those boxes.

  2. Spy on Your Neighbours – OK, before this gets out of hand, only do that to the extent that you see what they have done with their landscape, and start getting ideas about what you would like for your yard. Look at types of trees, shrubs and plantings, whether they have created a “rolling landscape”, or use lots of natural features, like decorative stones.

  3. Talk to Family, Friends & Neighbours – Especially if they’ve had their yards landscaped. Even if they did things on their own, they will have lots of ideas and insights that can only come from experience.

  4. Call MBL Landscaping – We mentioned knowing what’s possible and the only way to know that is to talk to a landscaping services company. There’s always something new you can do that you might not see anywhere else. Or maybe you have an idea that you’re not sure how to make happen. In any case, who better than a landscaper to answer your landscaping questions? 

For more background on landscaping, check out our article “4 Ways That Landscape Design Lighting Transforms Your Home”.


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