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Top Garden Trends for 2021

You would think because people have been gardening for at least as long as they’ve been growing food (estimated to be as far back as 12,000 years ago), that new “trends” would be difficult to come by.

But, especially recently, nothing could be further from the truth. Forced or not, our recent stay-at-home culture has put a renewed focus on our outdoor spaces, outdoor living, and gardening!


4 of the Biggest Trends in Gardening for 2021

These trends can be enjoyed by beginners or experienced gardeners; balcony gardeners, urban gardeners or country gardeners; everyone who wants to spend more quality time in outdoor living spaces.

  1. Just Gardening – Gardening itself is a trend for 2021. More people are getting into gardening, even if only with tiny gardens, and long-time gardeners are trying new things, even seeking out professional landscaping services and advice, to kick their gardening up a notch.

    Gardening pushes all the trending buttons of the time. It’s healthy, eco-friendly, adds to the food supply, beautifies your landscape and your living room, and is virtually endless in its variety. 
  2. Kitchen Gardens – With a renewed focus on food quality, many people are turning to grow their own vegetables, fruits and herbs as the best way to be sure of where their food comes from and what, if anything, has been added to it. 
  3. Health Benefits – It’s not considered a form of exercise, but there may not be any exercise that offers a more all-around workout than gardening. Many people who don’t want to go to the gym, or aren’t inclined to do another regular exercising, are turning to gardening to get more active. Gardening is also known to boost your mood, reduce stress and enhance your overall wellness. 
  4. Garden Design – While the advantages of landscape design are well known for improving the benefits you get from your backyard, gardening design hasn’t enjoyed the same attention. Until now.

    From creating vertical and hanging gardens on balconies and patios to planning a mix of plants, trying to always have something in bloom and full-on garden design software, more people are gardening with intent and goals in mind.

If you would like to get the right start in gardening or take your existing gardening to a higher level, MBL Landscaping offers professional landscaping and garden design, grading for gardens and lawn beds, and we can provide you with the right mix of flowers, plants, shrubs and trees, to make your gardening experience more rewarding than ever. 

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